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Categories of Water Damage

Before beginning the process of water damage restoration, understanding the different categories of water damage is of profound significance. Having a strong understanding helps in formulating a non-divisive plan based on unique restoration needs. It is vital to note that not all water damages are the same. According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), water damages are classified as per three different categories. Each category of water damages carries different types of risk and requires specialized restoration services.

Read below these three different categories of water damages:

Clean Water Category

The first category of water damages is referred to as clean water. This particular category of water contains no potential major health risks to the residents of an affected property. The water is not harmful even when consumed by humans or pets. You can safely drink it, use it for washing, and even inhale it during steaming.

Sources of clean water include faucets, broken pipes and falling rainwater. Although this water category is clean and safe, it can quickly get contaminated  and degrade to category of grey water, if mixed with other sources.

Grey Water Category

The second category of water damages is referred to as grey water. The water in this category is definitely contaminated and is absolutely unsafe to consume by residents and pets. When the water of this category is consumed or even got in contact with, discomfort and illness are bound to occur.

Sources of grey water category include overflowing dishwashers, washing machines, toilet overflows with urine and sink drains. When your property is facing water damages, it is advisable to hire the assistance of professional West Hills water damage experts in order to identify the category of water damages.

Black Water Category

Finally, the last category of water damages is black water. The water in this category is highly contaminated and does contain fecal matter. It may contain pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic organic substances, which may cause severe illnesses and even death when consumed. Black water, unlike other two categories, carries the foul smell.

Sources of black water include sewer backup, rising flood water from rivers and streams, toilet overflows containing feces, aquarium water, and stagnant water. Restoring a black water damaged property requires specialized skills and equipments, and therefore, it is best left to professionals that have excellent track records. West Hills water damage restoration technicians are fully trained to restore homes and offices that are affected by black water damages. Do call them on the given helpline number at the earliest. And, most importantly, do not try to restore an affected property by yourself as it is too dangerous.

West Hills Water Damage Restoration Experts Are Your Safe Bet!

It is impossible to identify the different categories of water damages through naked eyes. One needs specialized equipments and skills to effectively restore water damages. In order to avail prompt and efficient services, give a call at 818-337-5288 and book an appointment today.